Ex-Visa CEO joins Cryptto-start-up Crypterium

The start-up Crypterium, which was founded in Estonia in 2017, has set itself the goal of simplifying payment with crypto currencies. Now it has landed a big fish: The former CEO of Visa in Great Britain and Ireland, Marc O’Brien, has joined the start-up as CEO.

Crypterium wants to integrate payment with Bitcoin and Ether into everyday life. To this end, it hopes to cooperate with Visa or MasterCard to introduce crypto currency cards. With the new CEO Marc O’Brien, who headed Visa in Great Britain and Ireland from 2008 to 2014, the start-up has taken a big step towards its goal. Last year, Crypterium collected 53 million US dollars with its ICO.

Information about the Bitcoin code review

Crypterium’s motto “Whatever you can do with your money, you can now do with your crypto” already sounds very ambitious and can be seen here: https://www.geldplus.net/en/bitcoin-code-review/. But they seem to be on the right way. So the new CEO with a visa background is just the beginning. The start-up company plans to hire an entire team of experienced financial service providers in the near future. In this context, they have already hired a recruiter. The Crypterium team currently consists of three Bitcoin code review representatives in London and ten in Moscow. O’Brien told Business Insiders that offices in New York, Singapore and Miami are now planned. The company is currently seeking extensive legal advice on this in order to obtain all the necessary licenses. O’Brien revealed:

“They are very good at recognizing that they were the right team for the concept and execution of the ICO, but now that they are entering the operational model, they need to bring in experienced, professional staff who are familiar with large-scale projects and global operations.

Currently, payment with cryptos is still quite complicated. In order to simplify this process, Crypterium wants to develop a card that can be integrated into the existing wallet. If the user wants to make a transaction over it, Crypterium receives a corresponding request and, after successful verification of the credit, gives the green light for the payment. “You can stand in a shop and all of this can be done in a fraction of a second,” O’Brien stresses.

“Secret Sauce” of the Bitcoin code scam

How the start-up will deal with the extreme volatility of the Bitcoin code scam shown by onlinebetrug, however, is not known. According to O’Brien, this is the “secret sauce” of the company, intellectual property regarding these details is “carefully protected”. However, the new CEO points out the advantages that are particularly important for high inflation markets such as Argentina or Turkey: “We have a unique opportunity to provide some degree of safety for consumers in these countries.

Crypterium is currently in discussions with potential partners. However, it intends to publish its first products in the autumn of this year.

With the Blockchain for a free world – impressions of the Blockstack event

The Blockchain company Blockstack organized an event with well-known speakers such as Nick Szabo and Edward Snowden. In addition, it was presented which projects are currently being pursued on the platform developed by Blockstack. A report about a day for decentralization.

The Axica Congress Centre is internally very futuristic. The auditorium in which the Blockstack Berlin event took place is reminiscent of a spaceship. Of course, the crypto aficionado was immediately forced into the “to the moon” association.

Empowerment through block stack

At the event organized by Blockchain company Blockstack, however, neither Lambos nor Bubbles were on the agenda – the topic of “price” played a subordinate role, if any, in all the presentations. Only in a panel discussion on investment in decentralized ecosystems moderated by William Mougayar was this the topic.

The central theme of the event was rather “freedom”

The topic was data ownership, privacy and empowerment of the individual. Accordingly, Peter van Falkenberg, moderator of the event and research director of Coincenter, ushered in the day with a quote from the recently deceased John Perry Barlow:

“To shape the future, it helps to foresee it. And so I foresaw Utopia. I had hoped that this would give freedom a small edge over Moore’s and Metcalfe’s laws. These eventually brought what Ed Snowden calls turn-key totalitarianism.”

John Perry Barlow was not only a member of The Grateful Dead, but also an important person in the Cypherpunk and Hacktivism movements with the declaration of independence of cyberspace. He told Bitcoin developers to be careful: “They are currently building the technology of future freedom and slavery. This is the goal that the various projects on this day have dedicated themselves to.

A glance at the list of speakers shows that going into each presentation would go beyond the scope of the conference. A special focus was the presentation of projects developed on the basis of the Blockstack platform. Blockstack is presented in detail in a separate article, in short the interface reminds of Google Apps, but without the centrality. Graphite, for example, is a Google Docs based on Blockstack. In the afternoon, various projects were presented in short pitches and projects from decentralized social networks to a censorship-free podcast platform and new decentralized organizational models could be demonstrated. Many of these can already be tested on the Blockstack platform.