The list can appear infinite when it comes to home improvement projects. Though a couple of DIY and more accessible projects add curb appeal, wise individuals know that the ROI (return on investment) matters. This is especially true when it comes to expensive and broad projects. When prioritizing home improvements, understanding which projects are going to pay off with resale should be greatly considered.  


With window replacement Wisconsin, there are clear benefits in-home energy efficiency. However, does that mean you can improve your property’s value? The short answer is yes.  

According to studies, one of the home improvement projects that improve home resale value is window replacement.  

For instance, your house can increase in value by around $11,000 if you spend $15,000 to replace the windows of your house. If you calculate it, it is more than 70% ROI. 

Other Considerations 

Replacement windows provide homeowners the opportunity to upgrade their home’s appearance. You should think about investing in a couple of tailored window shapes. This will improve the natural light or add architectural interest. With a bow or bay window, you can improve your beautiful backyard view.  

In addition to that, you can make your life a lot simpler while you’re making improvements. One style of window that is extremely easy to clean is a double-hung window. All you’ve got to do is to tilt in and you can clean both the exterior and interior sides of the window.  

You can also improve your overall energy efficiency through window replacement. Window technology is constantly improving to make our houses look great while saving on utility bills, from solar and UV blockers to Low-E glass.  

It is pretty obvious when you add in every single reason that replacing your windows benefits the environment, your wallet, and your comfort.  

Window replacement can help your house stand out in the market if you are considering selling your house at some point in the future. In addition to that, it improves its value before you list it. New windows enhance the marketability of your house and help you command a higher selling price since buyers love purchasing homes that have been upgraded with modern features. 

Advantages of Window Replacement 

Window replacement can help you save money even if you are not thinking about selling your house today. It can reduce your utility bills, as we have mentioned earlier. For those who don’t know, new windows generate a tight seal with your house. This will help prevent air leaks. This is the main cause of wasted energy. You will spend less cooling and heating when you get rid of the leaks by replacing inefficient windows 

Furthermore, you can save a lot if you choose Energy Star windows. You will save around $100 up to $600 every year for Energy Star window pane. You will save around $27 to $200 every year if you replace a double pane window with an Energy Star model. In addition to that, you will also help the environment by lowering your carbon dioxide emissions.